Spyra-Gyra Spiral Slicer

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Spyra-Gyra Spiral Slicer with 3 spaghetti blades, including the angel hair blade and the flat flute blade for shredding cabbage and making decorative spiral fluted slices.

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Get your whole family to eat healthy and nutrient rich food that looks, as good as it tastes. Save time with slicing, and shredding and spiralizing vegetables for salads, garnishes to cook, or for tasty stir-fry’s. The Spyra-Gyra does all this in seconds.
Use your Spyra-Gyra to prepare healthy vegetable noodles that have even the pickiest eater coming back for seconds. Excellent gift for family and friends.



Versatile – Slices and creates 3 different variety of spaghetti sizes from raw vegetables.
User friendly – The spyra gyra is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is easy to clean and compact for convenient storage plus it features an ergonomic handle.
Material – Made from food safe ABS plastic, nylon and stainless steel blades
Environment friendly – Bio-degradable packaging.
Sturdy – Non-slip suction firmly secure the Spyra-Gyra to your counter.
Economic – Manually operated, no electricity required.



What is in the box?
• 3 spaghetti blades including the angel hair blade. Blade sizes 0.9 mm 2.4 mm and 4 mm
• Factory fitted flat stainless steel blade
• 2 clear suction for firm grip on the counter while machine is in use
• Includes A5 full colour instruction manual


Children love eating vegetables that they can play with and the Spyra-Gyra creates delightful shapes and colours and slices are thin and easy to eat. Get your kids back into their 5 a day!


The Spyra-Gyra is a must have for:
• Spending quality time with your family – Both young and old enjoy watching vegetables turn into noodles and other spiral cuts and they enjoy eating them even more.
• Eating healthy – Anyone who is gluten intolerant can still enjoy tasty vegetable “pasta” that is filled to the brim with nutrients and is much healthier than flour based pasta
• Bringing out your inner chef – Step away from the norm of chopped or sliced vegetables. Spiral vegetables are artistic, creative, and offer versatility in vegetable preparation.
• Increasing intake of raw fruits and vegetables in a fun and tasty way


What your Spyra-Gyra can do
Using the flat blade make curly strands with cucumbers, beetroots, apples, baby marrows and much more. These are great to use as garnish, in salads and in side dishes. The flat blade can also be used to shred cabbage for coleslaw and perfectly slice onion rings. Using the 3 blade types you can make


Vegetable noodles
Fruit salad
Spiral spaghetti salad
Tasty stir fry’s
And much more



Veggie spaghetti
Essential hand operated kitchen tool that turns all hard vegetables into one of three widths of spaghetti including the 0,9mm angel hair to make attractive salads and fruit salads.


Fluted vegetables
Makes amazingly attractive fluted vegetables suitable for salads, cooked vegetables and decorations.


Shredding and slicing
Green and yellow pepper strips in seconds,makes finely sliced coleslaw.


Just a glimpse of what you can make with your Spyra-Gyra!


Raw Saucy Tomato Noodles

Cucumber and Strawberry Delight

Cucumber and Sprout Salad


Directions for use
Cut both ends of the fruit/vegetable
Push the fat end of the vegetable onto the pipe blade
Holding the vegetable push the spikes on the rotating disk onto the other end of the vegetable
Place your left hand thumb onto the sticker labelled PUSH and simultaneously turn the handle clockwise.
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Length = 28.1 cm
Breadth = 12.3 cm
Height = 18 cm
Weight = 0.70 kg

Additional information

Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm