MiHealthmaker Smart Kitchen Scale – Free gift

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MiHealthmaker Smart Digital Kitchen Scale

Link the scale to your Mobile APP and you can keep track of your Calorie and Nutrient intake.

On a weight-loss diet? Be sure your are getting enough nutrients and not too many Calories for your activity level. Vegan? Concerned about your proteins and other nutrients?

The MiHealthmaker Smart Kitchen scale will link to the App on your Smart phone and keep track of all the nutrient levels and calories that you eat.

The scale is FREE when you purchase the MiHealthmaker Power Blender.

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MiHealthmaker Smart Digital Kitchen Scale

What exactly is a Smart Kitchen Scale? Together with the Mobile APP installed on your Smartphone, everyone in the family with a Smartphone can keep track of their Calorie and Nutrient intake. Link your phone to the scale.

Ensure that you are getting enough protein, and other nutrients and whether you are having too many calories for your activity level.

Simple to use, just weigh, select the food, and add your daily intake.


  • Links to Nutritional analysis Smartphone App
  • Accurate to 1 gram
  • Weighs up to 15kg
  • High-precision sensor
  • LCD display
  • Auto power off
  • Overweight alarm
  • Unit-conversion touch panel
  • Tare weight touch panel
  • Super toughened glass panel
  • Low power design

This magnificent kitchen scale is FREE with every MiHealthmaker Power Blender.

The Mobile App

AiFresh is a smart nutrition intake APP, it calculates the nutrition contents by food weight and the built-in food bank. This is a great help if you want to lose weight, keep tabs on your nutritional intake on a specific dietary regime such as a vegan diet, or just keep fit and control calorie intake.

Using the mobile App in conjunction with your MiHealthmaker smart kitchen scale.

This requires a Smart mobile phone with wi-fi facility and the App installed on the phone. Once the App has been set up on your phone you can incorporate your daily food and drink intake into the App via the scale. This will convert the weights into nutrient values and calorie count as per your personal setup.

The food bank on the App keeps updating and you can also input your own food. Based on personal information, the APP gives a suggested nutrition intake.

Weigh the food

In this case, a raw pear is being weighed at 155 grams which will ultimately be added to the App as part of the food consumption for the day

Mobile App and Smart Scale Instructions

Your MiHealthmaker Smart Kitchen Scale comes with a handy instruction pamphlet explaining exactly how to operate the Scale with your Smartphone and instructions for operating the Scale.